Tuesday, 25 April 2017



Today is a special day in my life as my wife and I are celebrating our 35th marriage anniversary.
Our children have played a major role in the celebration as they planned to give us a surprise and indeed it was last night.
This is why I have delayed my this blog by a day. It was on this very day in the year 1982 when we got united and life has been excellent since then.
Our relationship has been one that of love, friendship and mutual trust though there have been differences on many occasions but we have been able to resolve and overcome such situations without much difficulty. Perhaps this is what married life is all about ..accept each other as we are and don't try to change each other. Once we believe in this philosophy and stick to it, nothing can stop us from leading a charmed life. Also you start needing and depending upon each other much  more with passage of time once you get emotionally attached. In my opinion this is what is the ultimate in a married life because you are continuously on the same wave length literally in all walks of life. We rejoice in caring for each other, even doing the minor daily chores, though we may not express many a times. We, in our Indian context, generally find it difficult to express our love to our near and dear ones but I have learnt that we should do it because this can create tremendous happiness in us. This is what I try to do since last few years by way of  innovative ways because I yearn to live my remaining years truly king size.

Now starting my today's blog from where I left in the previous blog, we have been mostly in legal profession, generation after generation, with a small percentage in medical profession. I was the odd man out to have pursued engineering for the first time in our family. I have already shared about it in one of my earlier blogs.
First impression is everlasting and this is what exactly happened to me when I landed at my engineering college. The atmosphere was simply captivating with huge buildings, imposing lecture halls, well equipped and maintained laboratories, a library to depend upon, a huge auditorium, big grounds, a few shops inside the campus itself, many impressive professors, cent percent residential and lots of greenery.
Having understood the importance of doing well at engineering, I concentrated and put in sincere efforts on my studies, attended the classes regularly, did the practicals also without any exception and did extremely well in the first year. I also learnt about using log table, T square, slide rule and other instruments.....we did not even have calculators those days..
But the 2nd year ....keep guessing and wait for my next blog.

Life is to enjoy every minute

Live life king size

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  1. Happy Wedding Anniversary Respected Renu Bua and Fufaji 🎂🎂💐💐👌👌👍👍☺☺😊😊

  2. Thank you very much for your lovely wishes


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