Monday, 22 May 2017

Life is to enjoy ....

Good morning

The happiest people do not necessarily have the best things.
They simply appreciate the things they have.
Shoppersstop CPV There are certain niggles in our life that we need to understand, accept and  continue to face for the rest of our life.  It is just not possible to escape from it.
Once we realize that, anyhow, we have to face it for the rest of our life, we should not complain about it. It should not bother us all our life. And in order to be peaceful in life, we need to transform ourselves to accept these things and learn to deal with it and move on.
PizzaHut (CPS) In all the major cities of the world, traffic will be normally heavy during peak hours though there are floating office timings at many places. People like us, the daily office goers and other commuters cannot escape from it as long as we continue to live in a city. So complaining about it for the rest of our life will not be of any help; it will only make us miserable.
 This is something we have decided to suffer as long as we commute in a city. We can choose to get along or move away from the city or choose not to commute. Complaining all the time about traffic congestion, waiting at the signals, cursing authorities, cursing ourselves will rob us of not only our mental peace but adversely affecting us on other fronts as well.
MMT-IF Take the case of students. All parents want their children to be at the top but we must not forget that there can be only one at the top. It is better to accept the children as they are; guide, support and encourage them to do their best at studies rather than comparing them with others.< Foodpanda IN A similar situation can very easily be seen in professional life where the competition is cut throat. The need of the hour is to accept what we are and keep on learning from our experiences for continual improvement.
Cleartrip IN So let's accept that God has sent all of us with unique individual personality into this world under his master plan
If a life insurance agent  hesitates to use the word "death', then he or she can never be successful in the professional life. We cannot be a salesman if we are afraid of rejections because it is an integral part of a salesman's life. Similarly, competition is part of any business. One cannot continue in business and be disturbed by competition whether it is healthy or unhealthy.
Etihad CPS Every profession comes with certain niggles. It is an integrated package.We cannot allow it to disturb us on a daily basis. There is no denying the fact that competition exists. What we need to do is to understand it and apply our mind to decide what can be done. We need to deal with the niggles and not get get tensed about it.
If we have chosen to be a businessman, we need to play it like a game; play to win by using smart strategies.
We truly get liberated  when we realize that a little less with peace of mind is far greater than a little more with no peace of mind. Once we realize this, we will not get tensed at work and there will be no question of taking tension home from work.
TinyDeal INT Forget past
Learn from the experiences of the past
Enjoy the present
God is always with us

The Love Playbook

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Friday, 19 May 2017

OCTET ....end of engineering era....

It's nice to be back.

Qatar Airways INT

In one of my earlier blogs I promised to share a poem which one of my very close friend wrote it all by himself, got it typed on a typewriter and distributed to all the seven of us as a parting gift on the last day at our engineering college. Till such time he kept it with himself and we did not have any idea about it. You may recollect we had formed a group of eight of us and named it OCTET.

Bewakoof CPA

* * * * * * * * •*

After One Year of Courting
We huddled Ourselves

Swiggy CPA
Into Two Four-bed Rooms
Away from the Masses
MMT- DF In a World of Our Own
WHY ? We can't Say
Lenskart CPA
We dined To-gether
Reliance Jio CPS
Moved in a Flock
Creaked the Talkie-Chairs in a row
Ritu Kumar
Debated Fiercely in a Circle
Like Born-Debators
Maxstores CPS
Ignoring the Scornful Looks
Of if we Were the Octopus.
Even To-day, We don't Know
Were the Rooms Adjacent ?
Airasia International (CPS) Or,The Wall had Crumbled down
With the Peels of Our laughters.
We Experienced
Pepperfry IN The Successes and the Failures
In group or Individually.
But Rejoiced in a Chorus
Mourned in Unison

eBay IN

Inhaling the rich Flesh of Cigars
-Every time.

Till All of a Sudden
A few became Offish
How ? HepFly Mobil [iOS&Android,non-incent,TR]

Why ?

We can Only Wonder
But Still their hearts throb
With Same Frequency as Ours

The Summers Came
The Winters Faded

PractoOrder CPS
But We didn't Care

For We had Stilled the Time

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-The All Powerful
But Couldn't beat if for ever
For the Summer has -re-arrived
And We have to part-off
Helicopter Tours In the Eight Directions
To Sing Our Song of Glory
But The Melody Will Remain

For We are

Home...Sweet Home.....

Sa, Re , Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sha.

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OCTET  Member





Zivame IN

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Dream vs Reality ....


In the concluding part on converting dreams into reality, I would like to share all that I have learnt about it from the experts. Let us remember God always says yes to whatever we say and this is why we have been taught to be and talk only positive. There should not be any place for any negativity in our lives.
AirAsia CPV
If we can hold a thought, just a simple thought, for 17 seconds, without contradicting it, another thought like it same shape, same size, same vibration, same tone, by law of attraction another thought like it will come to it.

And at precisely the 17 second point, these two thoughts will join one another, then coalesce and when they do that there is an energy that is expended, it is like a combustion point. And when these two thoughts join and combust, we can feel a measure of enthusiasm or interest bubbling within us.

And in that moment of 17 seconds, these two thoughts that were same become one bigger, more evolved, faster vibrating thought.
Firstcry IN
Now if we can stay focused on this subject that we have chosen for another 17 seconds, at the moment that we cross the 34 second mark that is just two times 17, this now more evolved thought will attract unto it and in other words, the thoughts attract each other. Our thought draws another and the other thought draws it, thoughts that are same in nature come together.

Myntra CPS
And at the 34 second mark these two more evolved thoughts do the same thing, they coalesce and there is another combustion point. At that point, these two thoughts become one, higher and faster in vibration.
If we can maintain our attention to that now more evolved thought, at the 51 second mark which is just 3 times 17 there is another coalescing, another joining of thought and another combustion point.
Netmeds IN
If we can hold that more evolved thought for another 17 seconds, the same thing happens and when we cross the 68 second mark, you have a combustion big enough to affect physical manifestation.

17 seconds of pure thought is equivalent to 2000 hours of action.

If we are working for a regular 40  hour a week job, 17 seconds, that is about what we work in a year. 17 seconds equals 2000 action hours. If we can cross the 34 second mark, we can multiply our action by 10 i.e.20000 action hours. If we can cross the 51 second mark 3 times 17, we can multiply by 10 again, a 200000 action hour equivalent. If we can cross the 68 second mark - now that is just over a minute of pure thought without any contradiction and dilution, it is equivalent to over 2 million action hours.

When we align your energies with the energies that creates worlds, when we are no longer contradicting at our CORE, amazing things happen. Now 17 seconds does not sound like much but most of us at about 8 seconds begin our contradictory vibrations. Most of us do not make it through a whole sentence without contradicting the vibration of our desire.
Foodpanda IN
The reason that it is difficult for us not to offer the contradictory thought so quickly, is because we have been trained to be objective and weigh the pros and cons,  the pluses and the minuses.
Airtel Online Recharge IN
 But what really is required is to take it to take it to an extreme, because contrast will prod us into our greater clarity of desire, that is really the reason of this physical format. Contrast is essential to decision, but once the decision is made, if we will turn our full attention to our decision and do our best to achieve a vibrational match with the decision in very short order, the Universe will go to work in helping us to achieve whatever it is that we are wanting.
We are here because we are Creators ! What it means is we are users of energy. If we do not have the ability to hold a thought, we can not be a creator.
PractoOrder CPS
So let us just hold a thought, any thought, for 17 seconds, it is going to combust and give us that energy sensation. And as we do this, as we begin to do it deliberately, and then we see the Universe responding, we become creative things, we begin to then step in the shoes that we intended we you decided to come forth !
Zoomcar CPA
Universe is a catalogue on which we can place order for anything and everything.
And follow the above process to get it.
Bigbasket CPA
Universe is utterly responsive to our vibrations.

Be a dreamer and keep on dreaming for they are real ....

Etihad CPS
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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Dream with self belief ....

Dreams are for real and do come true ..
What we need to understand is to dream the way we are supposed to dream with self belief and achieve them so as to succeed in life.
Dream with all our might.
Believe with all our heart.
Achieve with all our might.

Dreams without belief is nothing but sheer wastage of time and irrelevant.
Netmeds IN
There is no better day than today and so let us get going.
Adidas CPA
The first thing to understand before we start writing our dreams is to break the mental barrier which we may have acquired since childhood so as to ensure free and limitless thinking.This is because dreams are without boundaries or limitations attached to them.
AirAsia CPV
Dreams are always written in present tense as if these have already happened.
Maximum possible details like specifications, brand, colour, place, time, date etc are to be mentioned to facilitate absolute visualization. Once written this should be shared with family members and friends.
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Dreams are categorized under following duration :
Short term : 0 to 6 months
Mid term   : 6 to 12 months
Long term : more than 12 months
Myntra CPS
We can write any number of dreams but it is always better to start with top 20 dreams.

01 - 10 :  Materialistic dreams
11 - 15 :  Childhood related - good times, bad times which we would never like to come
               back to us
16 - 18 :  Family dreams
19        :  Dream A - The dream for which we are willing to die once achieved
20        :  Dream B - It will not let us die if we do not achieve Dream A

Bigbasket App sale
Dreams are to be written in SMART way:

S   :  Specific
M  :  Measurable
A   :  Achievable
R   :  Realistic
T   :  Time bound

Let us be passionate about our dreams and focus always on them to convert challenges into opportunities. The dreams will carry us in our life.
This will also help us in changing ourselves as human beings and become better persons.
PizzaHut (CPS)
But there may be people, our own family members and friends who will mock at us.
But we should carry on and Be a dreamer even if the whole world is against us.

Law of nature says that like attracts like let us avoid negativity and stay away from negative situations and negative people if we do not have control over them. We should rather be in the company of positive people and achievers. Bestsellers In my next blog which will be the concluding one on this topic, I shall be talking about the process of converting dreams into realities.

Till then
Let us ignite the fire within us and live our dreams........

Gratitude to close to 3000 of you who like my page and follow it....

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Life is to enjoy ....

Good morning The happiest people do not necessarily have the best things. They simply appreciate the things they have. There are ...