Friday, 23 June 2017

Engineering final year ...

Good evening

Today I continue to talk about my final year of engineering course which in fact got extended into 5th year because of the political movement about which I made a reference in my last blog. In fact our session was disrupted midway and it took a few months before normalcy could be restored. This meant that we had literally lost one precious year but this was something over which we didn't have any control and so accepted it. Perhaps God had different plans for us and of course better ones.

One usually takes time to adjust to the food that is normally provided in hostels. You like it in the beginning because it's different to what you are used to at your respective places but you gradually start looking for a change as the hostel food is repetitive having the same menu and taste time and again. I am not blaming anybody but that's a hard fact of hostel life.
Bewakoof CPA That's why there were occasions when we dined out and skipped the hostel food. But what we did in the last 02 years was that we decided to run our own mess as it was allowed and the institution was providing all the utensils free of any charge.
Get a Free Domain Name with every hosting package. The rules we framed for the 8 of us of Octet group were quite different to what was prevalent during those days. We were able to hire a good cook of our choice. We also decided that our mess will be closed on every Sunday evening and the management will be changed in rotation at the same time. This allowed us to dine out every Sunday evening.  And we really enjoyed this system as the food was of our choice and cooked with great love ❤️ and care.
This apart we used to go for evening walk for about an hour every day, took a cup of tea, recharge our batteries and get down to study thereafter. This brought us closer even more. We would discuss on different subjects ranging from job, films, politics, family etc  while we were walking. Life was really worth it during those days.

TinyDeal INT Time passed by and we all were putting in our best efforts to do well at the final examination.
We also knew that we would be separating physically once the exams were over and wanted the enjoy the remaining days like anything. But we never did it at the cost of our studies. Fortunately, all the 8 of us came from middle class families and more or less were of studious type but not bookworms.

Foodpanda IN Another important and interesting part of engineering courses which possibly is prevalent even now in some institutions that the final result was declared considering certain percentages of the marks obtained in each year. In our case it was 25% of first year, 50% of 2nd year and 100% each of 3rd and 4th years. This could be one reason why some students do not concentrate fully in 1st and 2nd years.

Limeroad IN I kept on telling myself that I must prove myself to myself and this is what I did. I did very well at the examination and was confident to secure a good percentage. My joy knew no bounds when the results were declared and I passed out in first class with Distinction. You needed to score a minimum of 70% for getting 1st division and minimum 75% to be awarded the Distinction. I can't say whether such a system exists now, possibly no.

Biba CPS I was naturally delighted with my achievement and wanted to inform my parents then and there but the fastest communication system was through STD calls during those days. And you had to wait after booking the call. It's not that you could simply dial and get connected. You could not depend upon Telegrams or Phonograms as their delivery used to be erratic at times.

Musafir CPA We did not have any nearby STD booth and traveled some distance to find one. I informed my parents and could realize that they were literally in tears. And above all I was the first ever engineer from our family.

Pepperfry IN Now of course there are  lots of engineers, doctors and lawyers in our family but the satisfaction of being the first engineer continues to be fresh even till today.

So to sum up and refresh about what I wrote in my few blogs in the beginning that I was witness to a bridge being constructed in 1960s which happened to be located behind my primary school. I was overawed by watching the manner in which the workforce  used to deliver. I saw one engineer literally running on steel beams at that height without any proper barricading fearlessly and that is when I decided that I also wanted to be one of them.

And rest is history....

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Friday, 16 June 2017

Engineering 4th year...


Today I would like to share my journey of 4th year of engineering course.
It should have been the final year but was not to be.
Bestsellers at! Upon declaration of result of 3rd year, all of us were asked to move to another hostel as per the rules of the institution and I always enjoyed such changes. It's my basic nature to look for changes, new things, explore the world and keep on learning every minute. Life is the greatest teacher.
Our classes began and I concentrated hard on my studies. But there was something going to happen which was totally unexpected and unimaginable. Our session got disrupted due to one very famous political movement  at that time, details of which I would not like to share here as it will not be correct on my part to do so.
The end result was that our session got delayed by a year and we were left high and dry. To tell you very frankly I was planning for my future life post engineering course before this movement happened which changed so many lives.
I don't have any grudge against the movement because I was also supporting it. But there was one thing which was hurting my conscience; I didn't want to trouble my father any more for bearing the expenses for one extra year.
Zivame IN He was taking care of all his five sons during those days all of whom were studying. In fact I had my eldest sister and brother next to her whom I never saw because they left this world even before I was born; the dreaded incurable brain fever at that time took them away from us. My mother used to tell us about them and I remember each and every word of her.
In fact I wanted to complete my studies and do something for my parents. They sacrifices to give us the best of the world are inconceivable and incomparable. It's a different matter altogether that state government granted my scholarship for this one extra year also but the money came quite late while I was in corporate life.
1mg CPA IN It's also not that my father could not support us well; no, not at all. He was a very famous lawyer and one would like to emulate what he achieved in life but it was just one of those things that I wanted to do something for my parents.
Bigbasket CPA I have vivid memory of buying a black dial Titan wrist watch for him out of my scholarship for Rupees 169 in the year 1975. He was in tears when I went to his office in the evening hours upon reaching home from my college during one of the vacations and tied the watch on his left wrist.
In my excitement I possibly forgot that he was in the midst of some important discussions with his clients but I just went inside. The happiness and tears in his eyes said it all. INT Another such instance which I remember fondly is when I presented a silk sari to my mother, again out of my scholarship costing Rupees 109 at that time, a cream colored sari with red border and she was overjoyed. Words need not be spoken to express your sentiments on such occasions because it is felt from heart.
HepFly Mobil [iOS&Android,non-incent,TR] I am sure all of us must have undergone such experience at some point in our respective lives especially when we are not earning but managing to show our love and affection to our dear ones. And the dear ones in our younger days will invariably be our parents. They are no more in this world but  I remember them every day and will continue to do so till my last day.
PractoOrder CPS These are unforgettable moments in my life. Such instances flash before my eyes many a times especially when I am gradually catching up with my age and leading a somewhat lonely life because you do need sometime to adapt to post retirement life as compared to hectic 36 years of corporate world.
Firstcry IN But my wife is always there to support me. She is the greatest source of strength and inspiration to me. To me she is the most beautiful woman in true sense on this planet earth; a great friend, a great mother; a great human being and what not. I keep on learning so many things from her. And above all my grand daughter is the one who gives me tremendous happiness 24 x 7. Also I do not have any complaints with what I have today because God has always been very kind to me and he continues to be so.
Banggood INT This is life...there is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
Biba CPS Life is also an experiment. The more experiments we make the better. Let us also remember the gospel truth; Do not take life seriously. We will never get out of it alive.
Musafir CPA My next blog will be the concluding one as far as my engineering course days sharing is concerned.
Till then..


Pepperfry IN

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Saturday, 10 June 2017

engineering 3rd year....


In my short stint of little over two months of blog writing, I have so far posted 26 blogs and this is the 27th. It has been a great experiencing sharing my real life experiences with my readers and I will feel privileged if it has helped a few of us to change and live life king size.
I am certainly a changed person as a human being now as what I am doing now was totally unimaginable by any stretch of imagination while I was a part of the corporate world. Not that I did not enjoy my corporate life but gone are the pressure of 24 X 7 working now and I can take life a bit easy.
Corel's Canadian Store Human beings never cease to learn. Life and necessities teach us so many things. I am no exception.
It also depends upon our attitude to keep pace with ongoing technological advancements which are happening at a frenetic pace these days. A few of these are necessities for our survival which we need to learn and adapt without which we are likely to be left behind in the race.
Cromwell - The UK's Leading Tool Supplier I gathered  adequate knowledge of computers to cater to my personal and official responsibilities in my corporate life but have never been computer savvy.
However, a need arose to gather in depth knowledge about computers to cater to requirement of blog writing and this is what I have exactly been doing over last few weeks. It's really a pleasure and I am enjoying the learning experience.
There is a childish eagerness and inquisitiveness in me to explore the world more and more in my 2nd innings.
Bestsellers at! And I had the greatest satisfaction yesterday when I could create my own website where also my blogs can be viewed.  I will continue to learn every minute till I am able to master the art to an extent which will suffice to handle my website. It's indeed a milestone for me. I offer my deepest gratitude to God and Universe for the same. They have always been very kind to me.
Clovia CPS As promised in my previous blog I go back to my 3rd year engineering course days.
Having suffered a sort of setback in the 2nd year with regard to my performance in the examination due to certain distractions which was nothing but complacency and also illness to some extent, I  took a self pledge never to repeat the mistake.
Travelgurucps Meanwhile all of us shifted to new hostel. Our college was a fully residential one and it was mandatory to shift to a new hostel at the beginning of every year.
Zoomcar CPA Honestly speaking I am not one who subscribes to the principle of forgetting the world and concentrate wholly and solely on studies because it will never yield the desired result in the long run. I attended classes & sessionals regularly, studied hard, really hard but also enjoyed other things.
Zivame IN Our group Octet also grew with time and all of us were getting emotionally bound more and more. Perhaps we were accepting internally that the time to get separated was gradually approaching. Most of us are still in touch with each other off and on. We even have our second generation in place making us feel that we are catching up with our age.
1mg CPA IN But today's generation is in a different mould. It is much more responsible and enlightened. It knows what to do and what is the best for them ? The world has changed so much and there are so many avenues available for them which could not even be remotely thought of  during our days. The need of the hour is to guide and give direction to their abilities suitably. In fact there is a lot for people like us to learn from them.
Etihad CPS
Going to movies on fortnightly basis, enjoying sun after lunch, sharing ground nut sitting on the lawn or in one of the rooms literally every day, gossiping sometimes, holding informal hardcore debates on any topic during examination preparation days  are a few activities which would relieve me of the pressure and proved to be really helpful in the end.
Banggood INT It was a year of reckoning and I passed out with flying colours. INT It not only restored my self confidence but also gave me a renewed vigour for doing even better in the 4th and final year. I will share this journey in my next blog...
Firstcry IN Time flies and let us enjoy each and every moment...
Foodpanda IN Excited to be alive today...

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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Ego ~ Self esteem ~ Standpoint....


                                         It's a bright and sunny morning today and I am able to experience the sunrise from the balcony of my home. It's the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears over the horizon in the morning. I feel like receiving tremendous positive energy and  am sure most of us watching the sunrise must have undergone the same experience. I bowed before Sun God and offered my small prayer as is my wont.
                                        God and Universe have been very kind to have blessed me with this new abode and I am truly grateful to them for the same.
AirAsia CPV                                         Human beings are confronted with many a thoughts when they decide to write spontaneously on a subject of their choice. Today I was thinking of going back to my engineering course time period because that is where I left before blogging on a few topics of great importance. But I then realized that I must share my experience and learning on ego vs. self esteem vs. standpoint this time and this is what I am exactly doing today.
Airtickets                                          Ego is the "I" or self of any person; a person as thinking, feeling, and willing, and distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought.
Admitad IN                                          Psychoanalysis, the part of the psychic apparatus that experiences and reacts to outside world and thus mediates between the primitive drives of the id and the demands of the social and physical environment.
Reliance Jio CPS                                           Self - esteem is confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self - respect. In sociology and psychology, self-esteem reflects a person's overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth. It is a judgement of oneself as well as an attitude towards the self.
Myntra CPS
                                          Standpoint is described as a position from which objects and principles are viewed and according to which they are compared and judged; a way in which something is thought about or considered.
eBay IN                                           Ego is absolutely people based; situation dependent and invariably involves the other person in the equation. Standpoint is independent of people or situation; it is issue based and will never have the other person in the equation.
Swiggy CPA                                           Self-esteem is a very important part of success in life.Too little self-esteem can leave us feeling defeated or depressed. It can also lead us to make bad choices, fall into destructive relationships, or fail to live up to our own full potential.
Bigbasket App sale                                           But we will be well advised to keep it within check because too much self-esteem is destructive. It can even damage personal relationships.
HepFly Mobil [iOS&Android,non-incent,TR]                                           Self-esteem levels at the extreme high and low ends of the spectrum can be damaging, so the ideal is to strike a balance somewhere in the middle.
Oyorooms IN                                           I remember in my college days when many professors used to close the lecture theater doors right on dot of scheduled class timings. I experienced this in my corporate life also and to tell you frankly I liked it because I am also in the same mould. It does not mean that they were egoistic; rather they had their own standpoint on these issues.
PractoOrder CPS                                           I also followed it in my corporate life. I used to say that when we never miss a movie or a train or a flight; why can't we be punctual in corporate life too ? There is a great difference between being in the office 5 minutes before scheduled start timing rather than being 5 minutes late even though the system may permit it. People understood my standpoint and many of them even tried to follow it.
Limeroad IN                                            It will not be out of place to mention here that we should do the seeding in this regards in the children at a young age so that they are able to understand and handle life with ease.
TinyDeal INT                                          This has helped me immensely in my personal life too. I have very rarely, in fact never if my memory serves me right since I understood it,  missed my appointments, train, flight or a movie for any reason attributable to my own self. Moreover, it always helped me in being mentally and physically ready for any important occasion.
                                         Sometimes we tend to change our standpoint for the sake of convenience but let us remember that If it can be changed then it is not standpoint. If we do not stand on our standpoints in our lives, we will fall for everything.
                                         Every moment will become heavy, every situation will be nerve - wracking, every interaction will be tense.
                                         An ego filled heart is always walking on fire. Never can there be a moment of marriage between ego and ease.
                                         But with standpoints in life, life becomes easy and smooth for us and for people around us, because our decisions will be  made based on standpoints and not on situations.
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Decision making becomes very difficult without standpoints.
Ego based life is chaotic. Standpoint based life is orderly.

Choice is ours

Explore The Beauty And Splendor

Wishing you all a true World Environment Day , 5th June

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Engineering final year ...

Good evening Today I continue to talk about my final year of engineering course which in fact got extended into 5th year becaus...