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Engineering 4th year...


Today I would like to share my journey of 4th year of engineering course.
It should have been the final year but was not to be.
Bestsellers at! Upon declaration of result of 3rd year, all of us were asked to move to another hostel as per the rules of the institution and I always enjoyed such changes. It's my basic nature to look for changes, new things, explore the world and keep on learning every minute. Life is the greatest teacher.
Our classes began and I concentrated hard on my studies. But there was something going to happen which was totally unexpected and unimaginable. Our session got disrupted due to one very famous political movement  at that time, details of which I would not like to share here as it will not be correct on my part to do so.
The end result was that our session got delayed by a year and we were left high and dry. To tell you very frankly I was planning for my future life post engineering course before this movement happened which changed so many lives.
I don't have any grudge against the movement because I was also supporting it. But there was one thing which was hurting my conscience; I didn't want to trouble my father any more for bearing the expenses for one extra year.
Zivame IN He was taking care of all his five sons during those days all of whom were studying. In fact I had my eldest sister and brother next to her whom I never saw because they left this world even before I was born; the dreaded incurable brain fever at that time took them away from us. My mother used to tell us about them and I remember each and every word of her.
In fact I wanted to complete my studies and do something for my parents. They sacrifices to give us the best of the world are inconceivable and incomparable. It's a different matter altogether that state government granted my scholarship for this one extra year also but the money came quite late while I was in corporate life.
1mg CPA IN It's also not that my father could not support us well; no, not at all. He was a very famous lawyer and one would like to emulate what he achieved in life but it was just one of those things that I wanted to do something for my parents.
Bigbasket CPA I have vivid memory of buying a black dial Titan wrist watch for him out of my scholarship for Rupees 169 in the year 1975. He was in tears when I went to his office in the evening hours upon reaching home from my college during one of the vacations and tied the watch on his left wrist.
In my excitement I possibly forgot that he was in the midst of some important discussions with his clients but I just went inside. The happiness and tears in his eyes said it all. INT Another such instance which I remember fondly is when I presented a silk sari to my mother, again out of my scholarship costing Rupees 109 at that time, a cream colored sari with red border and she was overjoyed. Words need not be spoken to express your sentiments on such occasions because it is felt from heart.
HepFly Mobil [iOS&Android,non-incent,TR] I am sure all of us must have undergone such experience at some point in our respective lives especially when we are not earning but managing to show our love and affection to our dear ones. And the dear ones in our younger days will invariably be our parents. They are no more in this world but  I remember them every day and will continue to do so till my last day.
PractoOrder CPS These are unforgettable moments in my life. Such instances flash before my eyes many a times especially when I am gradually catching up with my age and leading a somewhat lonely life because you do need sometime to adapt to post retirement life as compared to hectic 36 years of corporate world.
Firstcry IN But my wife is always there to support me. She is the greatest source of strength and inspiration to me. To me she is the most beautiful woman in true sense on this planet earth; a great friend, a great mother; a great human being and what not. I keep on learning so many things from her. And above all my grand daughter is the one who gives me tremendous happiness 24 x 7. Also I do not have any complaints with what I have today because God has always been very kind to me and he continues to be so.
Banggood INT This is life...there is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.
Biba CPS Life is also an experiment. The more experiments we make the better. Let us also remember the gospel truth; Do not take life seriously. We will never get out of it alive.
Musafir CPA My next blog will be the concluding one as far as my engineering course days sharing is concerned.
Till then..


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