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Virgoans, by their basic intrinsic nature are perfectionists. There are others also in this category but it may be to a lesser extent. At times this gets so much aggravated that it starts adversely affecting relationships.
MMT- DF This apart many a times ego clashes are very often seen in relationships. Many lives have been disturbed or lost due to such occurrences which in turn have avoidable terrible impact on immature mind of children.
Goomo (CPS) Under such situations people inadvertently take recourse in alternative measures, ethical or unethical, which may further aggravate the situation.
PizzaHut (CPS)
Paying too much attention to the small and trivial stuffs is the very cause of all the disturbances in relationships. Most relationships don't suffer because of major issues, but because too many small - small stuffs that have a snowballing effect on the relationship.
Aliexpress INT God has sent us to this world with unique individual personalities and let us accept each other as we are rather than trying to change each other as per our requirement.
Bigbasket App sale This becomes still more difficult as we start catching up with our age. So the best thing is to accept a few things in life which we cannot change and make the other person happy.

Cribbing and complaining, fretting and fuming all the time about all the petty stuffs ruins peace in relationships. Why can't we leave the small stuff small ? What is the need to make mountain out of a molehill ?

Let us give space and free personal time to each other which in fact will go a long way in strengthening the relationship.

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In fact, when we stop interfering in small stuffs, our voice will be counted in bigger matters; else our voice will be discounted.
Adidas CPA But the above does not apply when it comes to oneself. It goes without saying that giving complete attention to the smallest of details pays rich dividends. Finishing touches are in the details.

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The German born American architect Ludwig once said, ' God is in the details '. In today's corporate world it is said that ' The devil is in the details.'
YatraDH Without attending to the details minutely, personal excellence is just not possible in today's fast paced world. More often than not, it is the last inch that actually counts.
Bewakoof CPA So let us follow a simple principle that can make a huge difference to our lives.
When it comes to others, let us leave small things small. This will give us tremendous peace of mind in our relationships.
Airtel Online Recharge IN When it comes to ourselves, let us pay attention even to the small things.
This will ensure excellence in everything we do.
Fernsnpetals CPS But the million dollar question is why are we even involved in petty things ?
Is it because of felling of supremacy, gender bias, class, society etc or just imbibed in our mental frame of mind and  personality ?
Netmeds IN Let us not forget that when we learn to leave small things small, our voice will be counted on big things.
Biba CPS Leave petty things petty, and life will be pretty.
Make issues of petty things, and even a pretty life will become petty.
Firstcry IN Let us take a self pledge to produce excellent work by focusing on small details and also enjoy excellent relationship by dropping small issues...
Happilly unmarried IN Life and relationships are beautiful gifts from God to mankind.
Let us understand it from heart and enjoy life without any inhibition.

(Zindagi na milegi dobara....)
You get life only once.... INT

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  1. Another lovely article sir.. Great advice on personal and professional upfront.


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