Monday, 22 May 2017

Life is to enjoy ....

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The happiest people do not necessarily have the best things.
They simply appreciate the things they have.
Shoppersstop CPV There are certain niggles in our life that we need to understand, accept and  continue to face for the rest of our life.  It is just not possible to escape from it.
Once we realize that, anyhow, we have to face it for the rest of our life, we should not complain about it. It should not bother us all our life. And in order to be peaceful in life, we need to transform ourselves to accept these things and learn to deal with it and move on.
PizzaHut (CPS) In all the major cities of the world, traffic will be normally heavy during peak hours though there are floating office timings at many places. People like us, the daily office goers and other commuters cannot escape from it as long as we continue to live in a city. So complaining about it for the rest of our life will not be of any help; it will only make us miserable.
 This is something we have decided to suffer as long as we commute in a city. We can choose to get along or move away from the city or choose not to commute. Complaining all the time about traffic congestion, waiting at the signals, cursing authorities, cursing ourselves will rob us of not only our mental peace but adversely affecting us on other fronts as well.
MMT-IF Take the case of students. All parents want their children to be at the top but we must not forget that there can be only one at the top. It is better to accept the children as they are; guide, support and encourage them to do their best at studies rather than comparing them with others.< Foodpanda IN A similar situation can very easily be seen in professional life where the competition is cut throat. The need of the hour is to accept what we are and keep on learning from our experiences for continual improvement.
Cleartrip IN So let's accept that God has sent all of us with unique individual personality into this world under his master plan
If a life insurance agent  hesitates to use the word "death', then he or she can never be successful in the professional life. We cannot be a salesman if we are afraid of rejections because it is an integral part of a salesman's life. Similarly, competition is part of any business. One cannot continue in business and be disturbed by competition whether it is healthy or unhealthy.
Etihad CPS Every profession comes with certain niggles. It is an integrated package.We cannot allow it to disturb us on a daily basis. There is no denying the fact that competition exists. What we need to do is to understand it and apply our mind to decide what can be done. We need to deal with the niggles and not get get tensed about it.
If we have chosen to be a businessman, we need to play it like a game; play to win by using smart strategies.
We truly get liberated  when we realize that a little less with peace of mind is far greater than a little more with no peace of mind. Once we realize this, we will not get tensed at work and there will be no question of taking tension home from work.
TinyDeal INT Forget past
Learn from the experiences of the past
Enjoy the present
God is always with us

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