Thursday, 11 May 2017


Hello friends

           Inika had her first ever morning walk today.
She is my granddaughter, the first one in my second generation.

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She gave me a real surprise because she got up very early today, possibly because she knows in her sub conscious mind that she will be going to her first ever school within a few days.
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I was excited that I was about to achieve one of my cherished dreams to hold the hands of my grandchildren and take them on morning walk and in the excitement, even skipped my exercise session and went along. Or shall I say Inika took me along on my morning walk ? What a great feeling it was which is difficult to describe in words if you are emotionally attached to your dreams!

But I do have memories of my father holding my hands in my childhood !
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This brings me to DREAMS......which reveal insight into hidden desires and emotions as Freudian theory says.
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But what really is a dream ? It is a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that usually occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. They mainly occur in the rapid eye movement stage of sleep when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. Even till date the research scholars have not been able to fully understand the content and purpose of dreams.
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 It has always been been a topic of scientific speculation as well as a subject of philosophical and religious interest in the society. An average person has three to five dreams per night but most of them are immediately and quickly forgotten.
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But from the perspective of a normal human being like me, it is something what we see around us and compare ourselves with what we don't have and want to achieve it. It happens not only in our childhood but continues throughout our life.
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 And this is absolutely fine as God has sent each one of us to this world as a unique person and we are entitled to achieve our dreams. But how ?
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Do we really know the art of dreaming, defining it precisely and achieving it ?
I learnt it in my 2nd innings, post retirement from the corporate world. And I continue to learn.
This is there in HIS master plan which I firmly believe.

Let me give you a little background to it. My experience of having worked in a process industry throughout my corporate life has been one that of 24X7 availability and responsibility, especially when you go up the ladder. You are hard pressed for time to meet your responsibilities on personal, family, social and professional fronts, however best you may plan.

And you are suddenly up against your retirement but still undecided about what to do in your 2nd innings.

I did plan for my 2nd innings and thought of consultancy or my own business but decided upon the latter.
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 I wanted to buy a running restaurant and run it. The deal was finalized, paper work was done and I was supposed to make payment to then owner but there was one particular clause which was not to my liking. I discussed it with him but both of us did not budge from our respective stance and the deal did not go through.

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Was it not in his master plan ? It certainly was. Because I was destined to come into e commerce business.
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And it was here where I learnt about dreams.
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I will share more about it in my next blog so as to complete the process in one go.

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Dreams are for real....
Let us never stop dreaming .....



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