Friday, 5 May 2017

education ...part 2...

Welcome back to another blog of mine.....
So far I have talked about my childhood days, forefathers and also part of education period.
I will keep on shuttling back and forth on the same for some more time  with a hope that I am able to establish connect with all of you. And I will consider myself fortunate if my blogs motivate a few to aim at excellence in life.

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You may recall that I was an intelligent student right from the beginning doing well at my academics.
I say this with all humility.

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Here let me share one incident when I went to my first school for the very first time upon admission to class IV. I stood first at the annual examination but could not hear the result properly when it was announced over public address system for all the classes.

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I was shy and possibly introvert too, during those days and did not even try to ask my class teacher about it later on. I came back from school and showed a blank face to my parents when they asked about my result. My mother then tried to ask me separately whether something was wrong but I kept on saying I did not understand what was announced by the school authorities.

Subsequently, my father must have called the school to know about it because my class teacher who used to live near by came to meet him in the evening and informed about my result. My father was naturally very happy and called me out to meet my class teacher but I hid in the wash room and wept profusely out of fear of unknown as if I had done something wrong at the school.

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My father personally came inside, took me in his lap and carried me outside when I understood from my class teacher about my performance. And there were laughter all around  .....

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There was another such instance which I would share in my next blog.

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But possibly the seeds of change were sown in me during those days which are very much essential, in fact a prerequisite to survive in today's world and this is why I thought of sharing this incident with my learned readers who might have undergone such an experience themselves at some point, in some phase of their lives which I suppose we must share so that it could be of learning and help to few of us, our children, our dear ones...

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Gratitude for your continued support..

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