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education part 2 contd...


The more I think about life I always feel it is nothing short of a puzzle.
We are brought up in a certain type of culture and ethics which gradually turns into a closed compartment. We gradually adapt to living in that closed compartment  as we catch up with our age missing over so many beautiful aspects of life which all of us must have enjoyed during our childhood, the most important, to be able to laugh spontaneously. This happens because of the imaginary boundaries we create around ourselves and find it difficult to break even if we want to.
Children do not have any sort of  barriers and sky is the limit for  them.
So why not live a life which is king size but full of child like ingredients ..
Myntra CPS Now starting again from I where I left in my last blog, I remember vividly one incident when I was in class VI. There used to be a function on the day of annual result declaration every year before closing for winter holidays for 10 to 15 days. My class teacher asked me to recite a very famous poem in that function...
Shoppersstop CPV

'Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are,
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky"

Makemytrip IN
I was excited that here was a golden opportunity to perform before a large gathering which would include a few eminent personalities, teaching staff and of course the students. I told my parents about it and my mother took it upon herself to ensure that I did it nicely. She made me rehearse the poem with action many times over a period of one week before the D day, it must have been at least 50 times, and I was really charged up and raring to go. I kept on rehearsing it while I was on my way to school and was confident to perform well to make my parents proud.
Bigbasket CPA
The results were announced and I passed out with flying colours.
There was some time to go before the function began and I kept on rehearsing, on and on...

Jabong Mailer (CPA)
The function began but to tell you the truth I could not muster enough courage to go on the stage and perform before a 300 strong audience. It was nothing but the fear of unknown.  I was literally in tears even though my class teacher kept on encouraging me. But I just could not do it...

Netmeds IN
But I also promised to myself that it was definitely the last time that I would allow my shyness to come in my way and indeed it was. Since then I made it a point to look for occasions to speak initially in small informal groups, ask questions in the class room, participate in formal debates, never miss any group discussions etc which immensely helped me. This continued and it was a matter of time before I faced the audience again but this time I could perform with total ease. Subsequently, it just kept on happening and must have made my parents proud.
 I was even asked to be anchor on many occasions which I did with great ease. In fact I started enjoying the experience and looked for such opportunities more and more....
In my corporate life of close to 36 years, I have been invited by educational institutions to deliver talks on various subjects and share my knowledge and experience about the industry of which I used to be a part of.

In fact the world looks totally different from any stage as compared to when you are sitting in the audience and the audience is listening to you, which I kept on experiencing as time passed by and has to be experienced if one really wants to have a feel of it. To say the least it looks beautiful if you are able to establish connect with the audience. The two most powerful requirements are to speak from your heart and maintain eye to eye contact with the audience.

Let us be childlike by not allowing  the child inside us to die to achieve our dreams...


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