Sunday, 14 May 2017

Dream with self belief ....

Dreams are for real and do come true ..
What we need to understand is to dream the way we are supposed to dream with self belief and achieve them so as to succeed in life.
Dream with all our might.
Believe with all our heart.
Achieve with all our might.

Dreams without belief is nothing but sheer wastage of time and irrelevant.
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There is no better day than today and so let us get going.
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The first thing to understand before we start writing our dreams is to break the mental barrier which we may have acquired since childhood so as to ensure free and limitless thinking.This is because dreams are without boundaries or limitations attached to them.
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Dreams are always written in present tense as if these have already happened.
Maximum possible details like specifications, brand, colour, place, time, date etc are to be mentioned to facilitate absolute visualization. Once written this should be shared with family members and friends.
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Dreams are categorized under following duration :
Short term : 0 to 6 months
Mid term   : 6 to 12 months
Long term : more than 12 months
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We can write any number of dreams but it is always better to start with top 20 dreams.

01 - 10 :  Materialistic dreams
11 - 15 :  Childhood related - good times, bad times which we would never like to come
               back to us
16 - 18 :  Family dreams
19        :  Dream A - The dream for which we are willing to die once achieved
20        :  Dream B - It will not let us die if we do not achieve Dream A

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Dreams are to be written in SMART way:

S   :  Specific
M  :  Measurable
A   :  Achievable
R   :  Realistic
T   :  Time bound

Let us be passionate about our dreams and focus always on them to convert challenges into opportunities. The dreams will carry us in our life.
This will also help us in changing ourselves as human beings and become better persons.
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But there may be people, our own family members and friends who will mock at us.
But we should carry on and Be a dreamer even if the whole world is against us.

Law of nature says that like attracts like let us avoid negativity and stay away from negative situations and negative people if we do not have control over them. We should rather be in the company of positive people and achievers. Bestsellers In my next blog which will be the concluding one on this topic, I shall be talking about the process of converting dreams into realities.

Till then
Let us ignite the fire within us and live our dreams........

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